If your looking for a different twist on running a ranch then check out Slime Rancher.

Your character starts out on a small ranch on a frontier planet out in the far far range.  All you start out with is a basic vacpack, a small house, a pen to put slimes in, and a few extra plots for whatever else you will need. 

The vacpack is a multitool that allows you to collect small slimes, chickens, vegetables, fruits, plorts, and water.  It will also let you shoot anything you collect out of it.

The slimes come in many different shapes, sizes, and breeds.  You can feed the slimes to get plorts or feed them plorts from other breeds of slimes to make new breeds of slimes.  Some slimes only come out at night or live in water so you will have to have special pens to keep them in.

There are many different foods the slimes eat and some breeds will only eat certain kinds of foods.  The foods come in fruits, vegetables, and meats and can be found in patches all over the place, you can create farming plots to grow them and for meat they have different breeds of chickens that you can also make pens for and breed.

To make money in the game you sell the plorts you get from slimes when you feed them.

You'll be able to buy more equipment to help you on your ranch and be able to buy upgrades for it too.

This game was really addictive for me and I played a lot of hours of it before it got on steam early access.

There are lots of places to travel to and discover while your looking for more slimes to wrangle into your ranch.

Check it out at their website or on steam early access.


Space Engineers is a space survival, exploration, and construction game.  You start out in a survival pod with the minimum equipment and fuel you will need to survive for a few days.  The first order of business will be to locate a good source of fuel and ice so you can keep your oxygen, hydrogen, and power systems running.

After that there are many paths you can follow:

  • Build a base of operations or a larger ship that can act as a mobile base.
  • Seek out pirates and capture their ships and supplies.
  • Find lone cargo and transport ships and attack and capture them.
  • Build a ship capable of working in an atmosphere and land on a planet.
  • You can even start out in an atmospheric lander and try to survive on a planet.
  • If your on a planet you could work to build a ship able to get into space.
  • Build any kind of ship you can think of.
  • Hook up with friends online and do all the above and more.

You can build some very neat ships with sealed air systems, manufacturing and ore processing facilities, ship repair systems, grinding systems to break down wrecks and captured ships, and conveyor systems to move things about in the ship.

Space Engineers also has steam workshop support with a huge modding community.

They do constant updates that improve and add more stuff to the game.  They have even worked with modders in the community to put their ideas into the official game.

I've played more than 600+ hours of Space Engineers and plan to play many more.

Check it out on steam or at their website.

This is a game I have been waiting couple years to play.  You start out moving into an old house on a plot you inherited from your grandfather just outside of the town of Stardew Valley.  With some old hand me down tools and a small amount of money you start a new life here.

From there you have a few choices to make:

  • Start clearing the land and farming it by buying seeds from the local market.
  • Head out to the mines to see how deep they go and fight the creatures there.
  • Complete quests given to you by the citizens of the town.
  • Meat the people in the town and get to know them.
  • Search for collectables for the Museum or the Old Town Hall.
  • Find out how to get a fishing rod and go fishing.
  • Collect resources to upgrade your house or to build more farm buildings.
  • You can build silos, barns, and coops to raise and sell livestock.

I really like games that involve running a farm and growing stuff.  In this game you have to clear the land of rocks and wood, then till the ground, put down fertilizer if you can afford it, plant seeds, and water the crops.  Once the crops mature you can collect them to make more seed or sell them to the market to get more money.  There are four seasons spring, summer, fall, and winter.  For all the seasons except winter there are many different crops you can grow.  Later when your advanced enough there is a building that allows you to grow crops of any season all year round.

There is also livestock such as chickens, cows, pigs, goats, and rabbits.  You have to feed them and socialize with them to keep them making products and reproducing.

If you don't like the farming track that much you could just explore Stardew Valley and fight creatures in the mine.  You can also go fishing for seasonal fish, flotsam, and sometimes treasure.

The town of Stardew Valley has many inhabitants who you can socialize with and help out or even marry if you can get them to like you enough.

They also throw festivals that you can participate in.

There is a lot to do in Stardew Valley, check it out on steam or their web site.


Ark is a pure survival game, not just against the elements and starvation but against the prehistoric creatures within it.  Ark brings many.. many dinosaurs to the survival genre.

You start out awakening on a beach with just a bare minimum of clothing on and a strange device embedded in your arm.  Starting out you'll have to work to collect resources to help you survive food, water, wood, stones, and many other things.  You'll have to make clothing that will help you against the heat and cold, make fires to keep warm when what you are wearing isn't up to the task, and build homes that can help you survive the long cold and very dark nights.

There is a lot of stuff you can do in this game:

  • Kill dinosaurs for meat, leather, and other resources.
  • Tame and breed dinosaurs to fight at your side or help you to collect resources.
  • The dinosaurs can be equipped with saddles so you can ride them on land, sea, or air.
  • Build a  home or base to store your things and to keep you and your dinosaurs safe.
  • Explore the huge island and deep ocean around it.
  • Team up with other players or go hunting them if that is what you like to do.
  • There are many items you can craft armors, weapons, tools, house components, food, saddles for dinosaurs, and more.
  • Caves can be found on land and in the deep ocean.
  • Sometimes you can stumble across alpha predators that will give a greater challenge and better rewards.
  • There is a game mode called survival of the fittest, which is a hunger games type way to play with others.

For me the dinosaurs are the most impressive thing in the game and there are many of them, as of this writing there are 60 creatures in the game and plans to put in many more.  You'll notice that some of the dinos aren't always as accurate as the real world information about them, but it is close enough.

If your a survival game nut and you like dinosaurs this game is for you.

Check it out at their home page or on steam early access.

Note: This game is the most playable Early Access Game I've ever tried, it rarely has a game breaking problem and when it does they fix it right away.