All I can say is Landmark is a building game. I'm only mentioning it because it has some awesome building tools in it. There are some incredible pieces of art people have constructed.

In Landmark you start out on a flat plot of land in the pioneer regions.  Your given a default set of designs you can use to build a castle and recipes for props to place within it.

You don't have to use those designs though, once you learn to use the building engine you can make any design you can imagine as long as you have the resources to do it.

To get resources you have weapons, axes, and pickaxes that allow you to gather them from the ground, the trees, and npc monsters.

The ground is full of rocks, metals, and gems with the rarer ones being down in the underground areas that you can dig to or spawn into from the travel menu.

The monsters that you will collect resources and essences from all spawn down in the underground areas.

There are three different kind of wood you'll find in the overland areas in different zones you can travel to.

The game is mostly a grind to get all the resources you'll need to build your creation. You get more recipes for props and tools as you gather resources from rocks, trees, and monsters.

You can also claim other plots to build on, you start out with the one claim automatically and you have one more you can claim after that. If you need any more plots than that you can purchase six more in the game store.

I'm not going to go much into the fighting part of the game it really isn't that great and you can use your starting gear to kill just about anything. The mobs don't path all that well.

To me the building part is the real fun in the game and that is why I put this up.

Check it out on Steam and at their website.

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