Terraria just had an anniversary update for their last update 1.3, so I thought I would do an article on this game.  I have played more than 300 hours in this game.

Terraria is a 2d sandbox openworld adventure game.

It has a ton of stuff you can do in it:

  • Fight all kinds of monsters Zombies, Skeletons, Demons, and many more.
  • Lots of different bosses you can fight.
  • Mine resources to craft equipment and build structures.
  • Explore a huge map with many different biomes above and below ground.
  • There are dungeons, hidden temples, and ruins you can find and explore.
  • NPCs merchants that will sell you items and stay with you if you build a place for them to live.
  • Lots of items, weapons, and armor that you can craft.
  • There are chests hidden everywhere with trinkets, weapons, and armor in them.

Some call Terraria a 2d Minecraft but Minecraft doesn't have player stats you can improve or a customizable character that you can give an almost unique look to.  The funnest stuff for me was digging, jumping, and grappling my way around the underworld looking for chests and hearts to increase my stats.

Check it out on steam or at their homepage.


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