If your looking for a different twist on running a ranch then check out Slime Rancher.

Your character starts out on a small ranch on a frontier planet out in the far far range.  All you start out with is a basic vacpack, a small house, a pen to put slimes in, and a few extra plots for whatever else you will need. 

The vacpack is a multitool that allows you to collect small slimes, chickens, vegetables, fruits, plorts, and water.  It will also let you shoot anything you collect out of it.

The slimes come in many different shapes, sizes, and breeds.  You can feed the slimes to get plorts or feed them plorts from other breeds of slimes to make new breeds of slimes.  Some slimes only come out at night or live in water so you will have to have special pens to keep them in.

There are many different foods the slimes eat and some breeds will only eat certain kinds of foods.  The foods come in fruits, vegetables, and meats and can be found in patches all over the place, you can create farming plots to grow them and for meat they have different breeds of chickens that you can also make pens for and breed.

To make money in the game you sell the plorts you get from slimes when you feed them.

You'll be able to buy more equipment to help you on your ranch and be able to buy upgrades for it too.

This game was really addictive for me and I played a lot of hours of it before it got on steam early access.

There are lots of places to travel to and discover while your looking for more slimes to wrangle into your ranch.

Check it out at their website or on steam early access.


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