All I can say is Landmark is a building game. I'm only mentioning it because it has some awesome building tools in it. There are some incredible pieces of art people have constructed.

In Landmark you start out on a flat plot of land in the pioneer regions.  Your given a default set of designs you can use to build a castle and recipes for props to place within it.

You don't have to use those designs though, once you learn to use the building engine you can make any design you can imagine as long as you have the resources to do it.

To get resources you have weapons, axes, and pickaxes that allow you to gather them from the ground, the trees, and npc monsters.

The ground is full of rocks, metals, and gems with the rarer ones being down in the underground areas that you can dig to or spawn into from the travel menu.

The monsters that you will collect resources and essences from all spawn down in the underground areas.

There are three different kind of wood you'll find in the overland areas in different zones you can travel to.

The game is mostly a grind to get all the resources you'll need to build your creation. You get more recipes for props and tools as you gather resources from rocks, trees, and monsters.

You can also claim other plots to build on, you start out with the one claim automatically and you have one more you can claim after that. If you need any more plots than that you can purchase six more in the game store.

I'm not going to go much into the fighting part of the game it really isn't that great and you can use your starting gear to kill just about anything. The mobs don't path all that well.

To me the building part is the real fun in the game and that is why I put this up.

Check it out on Steam and at their website.

StarMade is an infinite open-universe sandbox game.  This is another game I have spent way too many hours playing.  It is sort of like Minecraft in space but much more technical than that.

You build the ships from the ground up, starting with a core block and adding other blocks to it as you go.  There are many different blocks you can craft for your ship such as weapon computers, weapons, power, power control, power storage, thrusters, scanners, salvage computers, salvage lasers, ftl drives, and others.

There are a bunch of different weapon types cannons, missiles, and disintegration.  Each type comes with a couple different variants.

The funnest part of the game for me was ship building, getting your ship setup right so it can move at a decent rate and fight is a challenge.

You could also build a station where you can take your ship to dock and also have a shop to sell off your extra resources to other players who come to your station.

Your not forced to just have one ship either, you can form them into fleets and have the other ships ai controlled to help you in a fight.

There is a faction system that allows you to group up with other like minded players.

If your not into the player fighting thing there are npc pirates and bases also.

This game has a lot to it, don't let it's blocky looks deceive you.

Check it out on steam and at their website.


Terraria just had an anniversary update for their last update 1.3, so I thought I would do an article on this game.  I have played more than 300 hours in this game.

Terraria is a 2d sandbox openworld adventure game.

It has a ton of stuff you can do in it:

  • Fight all kinds of monsters Zombies, Skeletons, Demons, and many more.
  • Lots of different bosses you can fight.
  • Mine resources to craft equipment and build structures.
  • Explore a huge map with many different biomes above and below ground.
  • There are dungeons, hidden temples, and ruins you can find and explore.
  • NPCs merchants that will sell you items and stay with you if you build a place for them to live.
  • Lots of items, weapons, and armor that you can craft.
  • There are chests hidden everywhere with trinkets, weapons, and armor in them.

Some call Terraria a 2d Minecraft but Minecraft doesn't have player stats you can improve or a customizable character that you can give an almost unique look to.  The funnest stuff for me was digging, jumping, and grappling my way around the underworld looking for chests and hearts to increase my stats.

Check it out on steam or at their homepage.


This is a openworld space adventure with a Star Wars/Firefly feel to it.  You can be a smuggler, trader, pirate, bounty hunter, or a combination of them all.  The game has a story to it but you don't have to follow it you can do what you want, trade between stations and systems or maybe just explore the galaxy. 

There are many different classes of ships you can purchase and all their systems and weapons can be upgraded.

You can get missions and bounties at space stations and work to join npc guilds and factions.

The combat is arcade like and not hugely complicated yet there is some strategy to it.  It is similar to how sailing ships fight, most of your heavier weapons are on the sides of your ship.  You do get turrets that have specialty weapons and that help against small craft.  If you have difficulty fighting in a mission you can also hire a mercenary wing man to help you out.

Also the game looks 3d but you can only move within a 2d range, meaning there is no up and down.

The visuals in the game are awesome and so is the soundtrack.

Check it out on steam and at their website.