I have shutdown DizzyCraft for the time being.  Nobody was getting on much and I felt I was wasting my money keeping up a server for just one or two people.  I have thought of bringing it back sooner or later on a home server I have setup, but till then there is a server a lot of DizzyCrafters and myself have started playing on.

Check out Dk's server: Dk's World dksworld.sytes.net

It's a great server so far and Dk has put some good work into it. I know it is a strange name but Dk is French Canadian and I guess it probably sounds better in french.

I've also been talking with Dk about putting up a modded server of some kind on my own server to mess around with.  I like a lot of the tech mods like Applied Energistics and Thermal Expansion.  If I put it up I'll post the info here for it.

FTB Server Info

DizzyCraft FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock

 You need to get the FTB launcher at feed the beast website.

Once you have it installed look for the FTB Infinity Evolved skyblock pack under FTB Modpacks and launch it.

The server address is: dizzycraft.sytes.net

Once your in I'll create an island for you.

Dynamic Map Address: dizzycraft.sytes.net:8123

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