Can't wait to play this game, it takes space exploration to a whole new level from what I have seen so far.  Everything in the game ships, animals, planets, galaxies, the universe, space stations, and whatever else there might be is procedurally generated.  Videos I have seen of the universe that it generates are mind boggling. 

The universe has 18 Quintilian planets in it.  The developer says it would take 500 billion real years to just take 1 second to look at each planet.

From what I've seen of it so far No Man's Sky is an open universe survival game.  You start out on a planet at the edge of the universe with just your suit and a multi tool. You have no real goals in the game just the ones you chose to do for yourself.

You could:

  • Explore the planet and discover all the different creatures or points of interest on it.
  • Jump in your ship and explore the whole solar system and see what other planets are there.
  • Collect resources to trade with the station or outposts in the system or to upgrade your gear and ship.
  • Be a pirate and hunt down cargo ships.
  • Hunt pirates.
  • Search each planet for blueprints and information on the alien races you can interact with.
  • Get a ship that has a jump drive and start exploring other solar systems.
  • Start mining the asteroids in the system for resources instead of getting them on the planet.
  • Pick some other goal that I haven't thought of.

My planned goal is to get to the center of the universe and see what is there, but I won't do it in a hurry.  I want to explore planets and get my gear and ship as upgraded as much as possible along the way.

There is also multiplayer in the game but I'm not sure if we'll ever be able to see each other or just what we have done in the universe.  I know that it will have an online and offline universe.  People in the online universe will be able to see the names of the systems, planets, and creatures you have named and if you leave a big enough mark on a place they'll see that too.  I thought about carving my initials into a moon with my multi tool, not sure how long that would take to make it visible from the sky though.  The planets are really big and if you traveled around one on foot it can take a few real days maybe longer.

 No Man's Sky is set for release in June 2016.


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