This is a openworld space adventure with a Star Wars/Firefly feel to it.  You can be a smuggler, trader, pirate, bounty hunter, or a combination of them all.  The game has a story to it but you don't have to follow it you can do what you want, trade between stations and systems or maybe just explore the galaxy. 

There are many different classes of ships you can purchase and all their systems and weapons can be upgraded.

You can get missions and bounties at space stations and work to join npc guilds and factions.

The combat is arcade like and not hugely complicated yet there is some strategy to it.  It is similar to how sailing ships fight, most of your heavier weapons are on the sides of your ship.  You do get turrets that have specialty weapons and that help against small craft.  If you have difficulty fighting in a mission you can also hire a mercenary wing man to help you out.

Also the game looks 3d but you can only move within a 2d range, meaning there is no up and down.

The visuals in the game are awesome and so is the soundtrack.

Check it out on steam and at their website.

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