Space Engineers is a space survival, exploration, and construction game.  You start out in a survival pod with the minimum equipment and fuel you will need to survive for a few days.  The first order of business will be to locate a good source of fuel and ice so you can keep your oxygen, hydrogen, and power systems running.

After that there are many paths you can follow:

  • Build a base of operations or a larger ship that can act as a mobile base.
  • Seek out pirates and capture their ships and supplies.
  • Find lone cargo and transport ships and attack and capture them.
  • Build a ship capable of working in an atmosphere and land on a planet.
  • You can even start out in an atmospheric lander and try to survive on a planet.
  • If your on a planet you could work to build a ship able to get into space.
  • Build any kind of ship you can think of.
  • Hook up with friends online and do all the above and more.

You can build some very neat ships with sealed air systems, manufacturing and ore processing facilities, ship repair systems, grinding systems to break down wrecks and captured ships, and conveyor systems to move things about in the ship.

Space Engineers also has steam workshop support with a huge modding community.

They do constant updates that improve and add more stuff to the game.  They have even worked with modders in the community to put their ideas into the official game.

I've played more than 600+ hours of Space Engineers and plan to play many more.

Check it out on steam or at their website.

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