Ark is a pure survival game, not just against the elements and starvation but against the prehistoric creatures within it.  Ark brings many.. many dinosaurs to the survival genre.

You start out awakening on a beach with just a bare minimum of clothing on and a strange device embedded in your arm.  Starting out you'll have to work to collect resources to help you survive food, water, wood, stones, and many other things.  You'll have to make clothing that will help you against the heat and cold, make fires to keep warm when what you are wearing isn't up to the task, and build homes that can help you survive the long cold and very dark nights.

There is a lot of stuff you can do in this game:

  • Kill dinosaurs for meat, leather, and other resources.
  • Tame and breed dinosaurs to fight at your side or help you to collect resources.
  • The dinosaurs can be equipped with saddles so you can ride them on land, sea, or air.
  • Build a  home or base to store your things and to keep you and your dinosaurs safe.
  • Explore the huge island and deep ocean around it.
  • Team up with other players or go hunting them if that is what you like to do.
  • There are many items you can craft armors, weapons, tools, house components, food, saddles for dinosaurs, and more.
  • Caves can be found on land and in the deep ocean.
  • Sometimes you can stumble across alpha predators that will give a greater challenge and better rewards.
  • There is a game mode called survival of the fittest, which is a hunger games type way to play with others.

For me the dinosaurs are the most impressive thing in the game and there are many of them, as of this writing there are 60 creatures in the game and plans to put in many more.  You'll notice that some of the dinos aren't always as accurate as the real world information about them, but it is close enough.

If your a survival game nut and you like dinosaurs this game is for you.

Check it out at their home page or on steam early access.

Note: This game is the most playable Early Access Game I've ever tried, it rarely has a game breaking problem and when it does they fix it right away.

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