Welcome to Croyd's Place!

This Site

I've started this blog for posting news on games, minecraft, spigot/bukkit plugins, minecraft mods, and other.


If your getting to this through the dizzycraft.com domain, this site used to have info for my DizzyCraft bukkit server but I have shut it down. Check out the DizzyCraft link in the menu above for more info.

I put up a FTB Infinity Evolved Server if anyone is interested.  It is an expert mode skyblock server and very challenging.  Check out the DizzyCraft section from the menu above to get the server info.  I won't be whitelisting it so come on in.

I created a links section, any games I feature I'll put the links to their website there.  Also I have a section for Minecraft Mods and Bukkit/Spigot plugins.  I've already put a list of the mods I'm currently using with my Minecraft client.

I setup a forum for discussion of games, mods, plugins, and whatever else anyone wants to talk about.

Currently working on getting this website to look the way I want.  I switched from wordpress to Joomla because unlike wordpress joomla will let you display your name instead of your login name. That one change can help with a lot of spamming and people trying to brute force their way into an account.