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I've started this blog for posting news on games, minecraft, spigot/bukkit plugins, minecraft mods, and other.


If your getting to this through the dizzycraft.com domain, this site used to have info for my DizzyCraft bukkit server but I have shut it down. Check out the DizzyCraft link in the menu above for more info.

Rumors have been going around that No Man's Sky was going to be delayed, looks like they are true.  It won't be coming out till August.  It is disappointing but at the same time I agree with others that we do want the game to come out complete and ready.

Less than four weeks to go till No Man's Sky comes out.  Seems like an eternity when your counting the days.

I added dynmap to the ftb server today. Click the DizzyCraft menu for more details.

Had some problems with the internet this week, but got a new modem today so everything should be back up and running on the server now.